André Henriques (Linda Martini)

“I got to know Cândido’s work when Linda Martini played with Dead Combo at Eléctrico da Antena 3. I was amazed by the sound and aesthetics of a guitar he had built for Pedro Gonçalves. Some time later I sent him a message; I was about to starting the recording of my first solo album and I had in mind a sound and a guitar that he could materialize.
A couple of years later, we crossed paths again at a concert and the subject came up again. I was about to start production on my second album and, although time was against us again, we set to work. On top of that, the task was not easy: a small-size classic guitar (7/8 scale) that would be tuned a tone lower. Since the guitar is so short, we had to experiment until we got the right string for the intonation and tone we were looking for.
The process was beautiful. Every week I received new photos from the workshop for the choice of woods and components and I could follow, even from a distance, the progress of the work.
Today I can say that I gained a friend, or at least a guy I like to have lunch with, a rare thing to have after 40, and the most beautiful and pleasant guitar to play.”