Frankie Chavez

“What can I say about Cândido Jacob’s guitars? I can say that they are incredible! They sound great, they’re comfortable, they’re robust and delicate at the same time. I’ve tried lap steels (weissenborn and teardrop shape) and although they sound different (because they’re different shaped instruments) you can clearly see characteristics in common. One of them is the extended harmonics. I also tried an acoustic (I can’t remember the model) but it was a very well-balanced folk guitar with a very round sound. The detail with which Cândido approaches the construction of the instrument is, in my opinion, very peculiar. He uses only organic materials (no synthetic glues, for example); the choice of woods is not random: he chooses the wood for a particular instrument, trying to find the perfect combination to achieve the best sound. All this methodology gives the instruments unique characteristics that only luthiers who are involved with their art can achieve. It won’t be long before I ask you to build me an instrument.”