João Francisco

“I met Cândido in his modest workshop at the end of 2015. I remember it because I took him a guitar to repair and he invited me to test a Weissenborn made by him. The sound reminded me of the excellence of a grand piano: the notes sounded and held in a natural and musical way. The tuning was mathematical. A week later I was booking the first one he finished.
The OM 15.00 is a steel string guitar. With a comfortable arm, we played it and listened to a record in high fidelity. It has well-cut bass and a simple E major can provide a pleasant experience in its sound exploration. It reacts to the tension placed on the hand or pick producing a remarkable volume, along with a special sustain.
Years later, in 2019, the idea of ​​being able to have the same qualities in a classical guitar emerged. In this instrument, I was able to choose woods, give indications regarding appearance and request some innovations according to the ideal use for it. When I picked it up, the sound was “green”, but very musical. Just three months later, with the right technique, her harmonics sounded like a cathedral. It’s almost a shame to combine its sound with other instruments. It’s a pleasure to hear every note sounding. Since the day I took her home, ARAUZ has been with me everywhere. I use it in everything that is music, leading me to rethink and make new arrangements. It is an instrument that challenges me to give it time, forcing me to improve in order to obtain the performance worthy of an instrument of this type. Finally, I admit that no matter how vintage or handmade the pedal or amplifier I bought over the years, I never felt so fulfilled in terms of tone. “